Flagship project KQ2

Targeting the FcΓR/FcRn cooperation to control the response to therapeutic antibodies

KQ2 2

Teams involved in the project and their tasks:

Nanomedicine & Nanoprobes – EA6295 – Tours Task I
Antiparasitic Biopharmaceuticals – UMR1282 – Tours Task I
FRAME – EA7501 – Tours Tasks I, II & III
Transplantation, Immunology and Inflammation – EA 4245 – Tours Task II
Aerosoltherapy and biologics for respiratory diseases – U1100 – Tours Task III
Genetic and immunopathology of inflammatory osteoarticular diseases – U1183 – Montpellier Tasks II, III
Lymphocytes differentiation, tolerance and metabolism – U1183 – Montpellier Tasks II, III
PP2I – IRCM – MontpellierTask I

Objective of the project:
To better understand the biology of Fc-FcRn-FcγR interactions in different pathological contexts, with the perspective to improve antibody-based therapies.