The governance of LabEx MAbImprove was developed through work in close collaboration with the Vallorem laboratory of management research in Tours, specializing in the management of networks and organizations.

It is based on the following structure:

Gouvernance2021 EN

This three-level structure includes:

  • A decision-making level represented by the Governing Board, whose main role is to define the major strategic orientations of MAbImprove. The Governing Board meets once a year. It decides on the orientations proposed by the advisory level, takes note of the general evolution of scientific projects according to the report of the Scientific Advisory Board and decides on the strategy for the allocation of human, material and financial resources within MAbImprove. It is composed as follows:
    • The Academic College of Tours (3 seats) comprises the President of the University, the Director General of the CHU and the Director of the IMT group,
    • The Academic College of Montpellier (3 seats) includes the President of the University, the I-SITE MUSE coordinator and a representative of the three hospitals (ICM and university hospital centers of Montpellier and Nîmes),
    • The College of Research Organizations (3 seats) with representatives from INSERM, CNRS and INRAE,
    • LEEM and Inserm Transfert each have a consultative seat.
  • An advisory level with:
    • an international Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) composed of international academic experts, responsible for issuing an advisory opinion for the CDOS. It evaluates scientific projects and issues recommendations and suggestions. It writes an official report for the Governing Board,
    • an Industrial Committee composed of experts in education and from the industry, responsible for ensuring the adequacy of the training program with the needs of the national therapeutic antibody ecosystem.

Numerous connexions already unite the LabEx MAbImprove with the national innovation ecosystem, in particular via the industrial sector MabDesign, which co-organizes each year with MAbImprove the Antibody Industrial Symposia. These meetings are an opportunity to bring in industrial players from all over the world, in order to have a vision of the evolution of the sector.

  • An operational level: made up of the Management Team and the Steering Committee, connected between Tours and Montpellier by videoconference. It provides the interface between all the components of governance and operations. This office is responsible for the operational implementation of the strategy, communication and promotion of MAbImprove. It is in direct contact with the ANR in order to justify the progress of the LabEx.

This governance structure allows to comprehend the stakes of the LabEx from all angles; it guarantees that the objectives pursued within MAbImprove match:

  • The scientific, technological and technical interests of the national and international community,
  • The socio-economic interests of antibodies for the (bio) pharmaceutical industry,
  • The challenges of training the future professionals in the sector,
  • Ethical and public health issues.