KQ2 – How can antibody activity be optimised by adjusting format?

KQ2 – How can antibody activity be optimised by adjusting their format?

(Mireia Pelegrin, Valérie Gouilleux-Gruart)

The objectives of KQ2 are to understand the antibodies mechanisms of action and to adjust their format for optimal efficiency. Our work includes the search for new strategies to:

• Modulate effector functions, especially those involving FcγRs and the complement system,

• Modulate cellular effector functions using antibodies of multiple formats (bispecific, trispecific …),

• Modulate pharmacokinetics via interaction with the neonatal Fc receptor (FcRn)

• Provide additional modules that can alter the properties of target cells such as those seen with ADCs (Antibody Drug Conjugate), ARC (Antibody Radionuclide Conjugate), and ARDC (Antibody Radionuclide Drug Conjugate),

• Amplify and strengthen the immune response through fusion with other molecules, such as cytokines in the case of Actakines.

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Targeting the FcgR/FcRn cooperation to control the response to therapeutic antibodies