CDI1 – Interdisciplinary innovation

(Anne Poupon, Isabelle Navarro-Teulon) 

One of the objectives of MAbImprove is to optimise the development of therapeutic antibodies. This requires a high level of innovation in implemented methods, which in turn needs a high level of integration of the different research domains. CDI1 aim is precisely to foster the integration of researchers working in computer sciences, mathematics, chemistry, physics, to accelerate progress in antibody development. During the past years, this has already allowed us to develop innovative tools in epitope mapping, off-target discovery, conjugation, radiolabelling, imaging, etc. To further broaden and structure this effort, we have created this central instrument that will allow us to launch even more ambitious projects, with the joint support of the different disciplines. Four main axes will be developed: mathematics and computer science (epitope, paratope, and affinity) (axis 1), chemistry (ADC, conjugation of radioactive compounds) (axis 2), physics (nanofluidics, new sensors and biosensors) (axis 3), and bioengineering (antibody/scFv/Fab/VHH libraries, mAb developability) (axis 4). 

Flagship project

Towards therapeutic antibodies with pH-switchable properties