Monitoring centre and Biological follow-up of therapeautic Antibodies (CePiBAc)

Pilot centre for of Therapeutic Antibodies Monitoring (PiTAM – CePiBAc)

PITAM – CePiBAc, a unique platform in France, assembles specific activities carried out by the Laboratories of Immunologyand Pharmacology-Toxicology of Tours University Hospital. Because there is no validated assay available on the market to analyze the sources of variability of the clinical efficacy of monoclonal antibodies which varies from patient to patient (genetic factors and blood levels being specific to each individual), tests have been developed to measure these biological parameters and these analyses are made available to all French and foreign hospitals. Accordingly, in Tours University Hospital, therapeutic adjustments are performed based on these biological findings in rheumatology, gastroenterology, dermatology, oncology, haematology and paediatric patients treated with monoclonal antibodies.

PITAM – CePiBAc platform obtained a GIRCI Grand-Ouest “Outils et Stages” founding in 2011 for the “MIAMIGO”project (Immuno-pharmacologic monitoring of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies prescribed in the Grand-Ouest region) that aim to support clinical research on therapeutic antibodies.