Immunovigilance of antibodies

The Immunovigilance of antibodies abides by 4 objectives:

  1. Quantify the prescriptions by the set up of a register and the creation of a database of exposed patients, the type of molecules, the indications and dosage used,
  2. Analyze the adverse effects and identify the risk factors related to the Clinical Pharmacology Service,
  3. Explore the mechanisms involved in study proposals (clinical, epidemiological and mechanistic on the effects observed) with the support of MAbImprove LABEX research teams,
  4. Diffuse results: recommendations (risk factors, the precautions of use, dosages, duration of treatment and restriction of use…), innovations and new insights of new molecules.

To achieve these objectives, “Immunovigilance of antibodies” will bring together a cross structure composed of a committee of experts, a platform for clinical and biological exploration and a network of prescribers in collaboration with the Université François -Rabelais and industrialists. The structure will initially be limited to the University Hospital; however, the ambition is to expand rapidly in the region.