Clinical Investigation Centre (CIC Montpellier)

Our project aims at providing to clinical and basic researchers based at Montpellier and in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, as well as to industrial and institutional partners, gathered human and technical means allowing the development of an ambitious high-quality clinical research leading to an optimal value gain. The project is built on three major arguments:

  1. The will to develop translational research, certified by the exchanges led for the year 2009. Thirtyfour teams from INSERM or CNRS units attached to IFR 3 or 122 expressed their needs for clinical partnerships in order to implement their work and nineteen teams from University Hospital declared their current or wished commitment in this approach.
  2. Six identified research fields in which clinical research in agreement with the advances in basic research is active or under construction. The three major topics that will lead the CIC during the first four-year plan include diabetes and metabolism, cardiovascular diseases and neurosciences; the three other promising topics include cancer therapy, infectious disease medicine and rheumatology.
  3. The ability of the CIC to provide an added value to the clinical research, as argued by the achievements of the team for the last ten years, will be enhanced by a research topic reset, promoted by a strategic management based upon a Scientific Steering Board, formed 50/50 by clinical and basic researchers, engaged in the leading research fields, and by a reinforced methodological support, supported by the expertise of the delegate medical officer. Based upon the experience of the investigational team, the Technical Committee will secure the quality of performance of the projects.

Briefly, our project aims at a fruitful biomedical research, relying on a privileged argued translational approach, a documented topic reset and a coherent scientific board steering an experimented team.