PhD funding 2021: antibody thesis subjects labeled in Tours and Montpellier

List of PhD projects labeled by MAbImprove for 2021 in the field of antibodies. This list will be updated with application procedures as soon as available; it is susceptible to change as MAbImprove teams secure cofunding.

In Tours

Targeted vectorization of metformin to potentiate the action of chemotherapies used in triple negative breast cancers.

Supervisor : Dr. Emilie Allard-Vannier (EA6295 NMNS)

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Un virus pour améliorer l’interaction sociale

Encadrant : Dr. Lucie Pellissier (UMR PRC BIOS)

Financement : ERC – MAbImprove

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Thérapie combinée basée sur le protozoaire oncolytique Neospora caninum armé d’anticorps thérapeutiques comme stratégie innovante pour le traitement du glioblastome.

Encadrant : Dr. Nicolas Aubrey (UMR1282 BioMAP)

Utilisation diagnostique et thérapeutique des anticorps anti- cytomégalovirus en transplantation rénale.

Encadrant : Dr. Philippe Gatault (EA4245 T2i) 

Ciblage de la signalisation endosomale des récepteurs des Gonadotrophines à l’aide de VHH pH-dépendants.

Encadrant(s) : Dr. Frédéric Jean-Alphonse (UMR PRC BIOS)

A Montpellier

Sensitizing the tumor microenvironment to immune checkpoint therapy trough mAb-based therapeutic combinations in pancreatic cancer

Supervisor: Dr. Laurent Gros (IRCM)

Funding: Université de Montpellier – MAbImprove

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Targeting T cell motility and recruitment in Type 1 Diabetes.

Supervisor: Dr. Javier Hernandez (IRMB) 

Funding: Université de Montpellier – MAbImprove

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Targeting the breast cancer tumor microenvironment with highly hydrophilic 4th generation anti-cathepsin D ADCs (Antibody-Drug Conjugates) with homogeneous DAR8

Supervisor: Dr. Thierry Chardès (IRCM)

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Development and validation of an intracellular delivery system for antibody fragments

Supervisor: Dr. Pierre Martineau (IRCM)

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Generation and combination of pH-dependent antibodies targeting the anti-EGFR receptor family

Supervisor: Dr. Bruno Robert (IRCM)

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Comparative genomic analysis of the adaptive immune response loci of Pan troglodytes, ComPanY

Supervisor: Pr. Sofia Kossida (IMGT)

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Improving Immunotherapy of Hepatocellular Carcinoma using a Novel Bifunctional Anti-PDL1/PRELP-Fusion Protein

Supervisor: Dr. Andrei Turtoi (IRCM)