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SENSOR : Energy Sensors and reproductive signalisation

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SENSOR : Energy Sensors and reproductive signalisation


  • Pascal Froment

Research axis :

  • Study of the role of adipose tissue signals (fatty acids and adipokines) on the activity of the gonads. Development of nanobodies against some adipokines which are markers of fattening and inflammation.
  • Study of the role of energy-sensitive proteins (AMPK, mTOR, PPAR) in gonad.

Expertise / know-how:

  • Cell culture (cell lineage ; testicular, ovarian and adipocytes primary cell culture)
  • Cell signaling
  • Immunohistochemistry, microscopy
  • Transfection, Cell Infection, use of Cre / Lox, shRNA, and Crispr / Cas9 methodologies
  • Use of transgenic mice and characterization on fertility (phenotyping of 8 murine lines)
  • Use avian model (In ovo injection, chicken nutrition)


Physiologie de la Reproduction et des Comportements (PRC), INRA Centre Val de Loire, INRA UMR-0085, CNRS UMR-7247, Université Rabelais de Tours, IFCE, 37380 Nouzilly.