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Nutrition Croissance et Cancer



Nutrition Croissance et Cancer


  • DIRECTOR Christophe Vandier DEPUTY DIRECTOR Gaëlle Fromont
  • contact for antibody topics : Marie Potier-Cartereau

Research axis :

  • Oncology: lipids and prevention
  • Chemosensitization of tumors to anticancer treatments
  • Signal transduction and biology of cancer cells
  • Clinical nutrition: energy metabolism, cachexia, mitochondrial bioenergetics
  • Role and mechanism of action of ion channels, calcium homeostasis

Expertise / know-how:

Our research project is a project of a multidisciplinary single team focused on lipids, acting on metabolism and calcium signalling, able to delay tumor progression and to increase the sensitivity of tumors to anti-cancer drugs. The laboratory’s work has 3 long-term objectives :

  • To de­fine favorable conditions for primary cancer prevention by diet
  • To improve cancer treatments
  • To reinforce the physiology of the patient by preventing cancer-related cachexia.

We have developed (thanks to the support of Region Centre Val de Loire, Cancéropole du Grand Ouest (CGO) and la Ligue contre le cancer), in collaboration with teams from CGO and but also with teams located in France, antibody tools as well as molecules targeting ion channels and modifying the response to monoclonal antibodies. We have been able to demonstrate that lipids and antibodies have an anti-tumor action by acting on ion channels. Thus, some lipids can be modifiers of the antibody response and conversely, antibodies can also act on lipid metabolism and impact the effect of lipids on ion channels and therefore on tumor development.




Bâtiment Dutrochet, Faculté de Médecine Université de Tours