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Neurogenomics and neuronal physiopathology

neurogénomique - physiopathologie neuronale


Neurogenomics and neuronal physiopathology


  • Frédéric Laumonnier

Research axis :

Identification and characterization of clinical, genetic, molecular and physiopathological markers targeting glutamatergic connexions and glutamate metabolism in two brain disorders appearing in periods far apart in neuronal and CNS development: Intellectual Disability (ID) during neurodevelopment, and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) during early neuronal aging.

Keywords: Human neurogenetics, neurosciences, neuronal cellular models, metabolomics, neuronal physiopathology, glutamatergic synapse

Expertise / know-how:

Gene sequencing (NGS), gene expression analyses, preparation and transfection of primary neuronal cultures (hippocampal, cortical neurons, motoneurons), cellular neurobiology (synaptic morphology, confocal microscopy), metabolomics, animal models.


Faculty of Medicine, Planiol building 3rd floor, 10 bd Tonnellé,  37000 Tours