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Immunity and Cancer

Immunity and Cancer


Immunity and Cancer - IRCM - Montpellier


  • BONNEFOY Nathalie

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Tumors have been recognized as more complex and heterogeneous than previously thought with evidences that tumor microenvironment significantly contributes to cancer development. Research programs developed in our group aim at a better understanding of the relationships between cancer and the immune system, with a specific interest for

  1. the role of mediators of inflammation in cancer development, and
  2. the contribution of immune effectors to cancer prevention or treatment, with a special focus to the modulation of tumor immunity by therapeutic monoclonal antibodies.

We are developing:

  • In vitro assays dedicated to the analysis of effectors of the anti-tumor immune response.
  • In vivo preclinical tumor models (syngenic and xenograft tumor models).
  • Treatments with chemo-, radio-, and immunotherapies.
  • Analysis of tumor immune microenvironment by multi-parametric flow cytometry.


Institut de Recherche en Cancérologie de Montpellier, INSERM U1194