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T2i: Transplantation, Immunology and Inflammation

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Transplantation, Immunology and Inflammation T2i - EA 4245 - Tours


  • Dr Sébastien ROGER

Research axis :

  • Physiopathology and prevention of tissue lesions induced by ischemia in cardiac infarction, in solid tumours and in organ transplantation. Study of cell-to-cell communications, cell and molecular signalling pathways involved.
  • Study of the immuno-inflammatory response during ischemia reperfusion.
  • Identification of soluble and membrane biomarkers of organ dysfunction (tissue injury, rejection, relapse).
  • Development and follow-up of new therapeutic strategies (antibodies and pharmacological agents) to prevent tissue damage following ischemia-reperfusion or tissue hypoxia.

Expertise / know-how:

  • Molecular Biology (RT-qPCR, western blotting), ELISA, cell phenotyping and cell sorting, cell imaging, anatomopathology
  • Analysis of the activity of ion channels and ionotropic receptors (cell electrophysiology, spectrofluorimetry)
  • Analysis of the immune-inflammatory response under normal conditions or hypoxia / reoxygenation : proliferation, viability, cytokines, adhesion/migration, multi-staining by flow cytometry, cytotoxicity…
  • Culture of cancer cells (mammary and colon epithelial origin) ; Establishment of primary colorectal cultures from biopsies ; Differentiation of human monocytes into dendritic cells ; Culture of cardiomyocytes and cardiac fibroblasts, renal tubular proximal cells.
  • Immortalization by EBV technique and culture of human B lymphocytes
  • Biological system modeling
  • Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics applied to therapeutic antibodies


1st and 2nd floor; Vialle building, faculty of Medicine, University of Tours, France
BCR Facility level -1 Bretonneau building, faculty Medicine