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Nanomedicine & Nanoprobes

EA 6295 NMNS 1


Nanomedicine & Nanoprobes


  • Pr Igor Chourpa

Research axis :

  • Axis 1 Nanomedicine and cosmetics
  • Axis 2 Bioanalytical sciences and imaging

Expertise / know-how:

Axis 1 Nanomedicine and cosmetics

  • Formulation of nanovectors of active molecules (solid matrices, micelles, capsules, liposomes), their inclusion in creams or gels
  • Inorganic synthesis (nanoparticles made of iron oxides, gold, silver), biofunctionalization, conjugation, organic synthesis

Axis 2 Bioanalytical sciences and imaging

  • Spectroscopies (UV-vis, fluorescence, IR, Raman, SERS) and spectral imaging (Raman, SERS, fluorescence)
  • Separative techniques (UHPLC, CE-LIF, GC)
  • Other techniques: DLS, zetametry, Western Blot, SDS-PAGE
  • Other areas of expertise: chemometry, experimental design
  • Analysis of molecules, macromolecules and particles, on a scale of cell, tissue and in biological fluids (serum)
  • Biological models: in vitro (keratinocytes, breast cancer), in vivo (healthy / tumoral mice) and ex vivo (skin in survival or reconstituted, hair)


Faculty of Pharmacy of Tours, 31 avenue Monge, 37200, Tours