A MAbImprove team successful in the Gates Foundation Grand Challenge

Non-hormonal female contraception using antibody fragments

Accelerating Discovery for Non-Hormonal Contraceptives is one of the Grand Challenge programmes launched by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for the coming years. A research project has just started in the context of this programme, having received funding worth $1.8 million. The project is being managed by a consortium led by INRAE and involving IN-CELL-ART, a French biotechnology company specialised in nanotransporter technologies called NANOTAXI®, the Italian university UNIMORE , and MAbSilico, an INRAE start-up that proposes software based on artificial intelligence technologies for the development of antibodies. The aim is to design biological products based on antibody fragments to block ovulation and thus enable non-hormonal contraception that causes fewer adverse effects.

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