Antibody industrial symposium AIS2021: digital edition

Dear colleague,

We are proud to announce the 9th Antibody Industrial Symposium 2021 (AIS2021) that will be held from 22nd to 25th June 2021 as a fully digital event. This international congress is jointly organized by the scientific society LabEx MAbImprove and the industrial organization MabDesign. It is part of the series of Industrial Symposia organized by MAbImprove since 2013, whose previous topics were: Antibodies Biosimilars, MAbDosing, MAbDelivery, Current & Next Generation Antibody Formats, Antibody Drug Conjugates, Targets for Mabs, Harnessing the Immune System with Abs, and Multispecific Abs, Ab-like molecules and adoptive cell therapy for fighting diseases.

The AIS2021 is the ideal conference for scientists, industrials, physicians and policy makers to exchange about therapeutic antibodies and more!

The Scientific committee has set-up an exciting program, with keynote lectures, pitch talks around new creative projects, and industrial talks from big pharmaceutical companies.

This year’s 3-days-programme is organized into 9 tracks covering the hot topics in antibody and other biopharmaceuticals research and development:

  • • New Engineering Approaches for the next generation of therapeutic antibodies and alternative fusion formats
  • • Adoptive cell therapy : latest advancements
  • • Enhancing Immunotherapy Efficacy and Safety : new preclinical models
  • • AI tools to advance Drug Discovery
  • • mAbs against COVID-19 pandemic
  • • Targeting the brain with biologics drugs
  • • New trends in ADCs Development
  • • Driving innovative drugs into clinical success
  • • Improving Developability & CMC of Biotherapies

The program will allow opportunities for networking -including a fully dedicated day-, companies to showcase their new products and technologies as well as dedicated time for business partnering.

In regards to the current pandemic, the Symposium will be held as a fully digital event.

Looking forward to welcoming you to the 9th Antibody Industrial Symposium 2021 virtually!

Best regards,

The Organizing Committee – LabEx MabImprove and MabDesign

The Scientific Committee

LabEx MabImprove MabDesign