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Pharmacology of therapeutic antibodies in Humans



Pharmacology of therapeutic antibodies in Humans


  • Pr Gilles Paintaud

Research axis :

The PATCH team studies the sources of variability of response to therapeutic antibodies, both in terms of efficacy and adverse side effects. In this field, it evaluates individual factors that may influence their pharmacokinetics and their concentration-effect relationship in humans, particularly those related to pathological microenvironment and cellular responses. The team is also studying response biomarkers in an integrative way, using a Quantitative Systems Pharmacology approach applied to pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic (PK-PD) modeling. The work of the team covers all therapeutic antibodies and therefore concerns oncology as well as immuno-inflammatory diseases and other pathologies treated by these biopharmaceuticals.

Expertise / know-how:

  • Measurement of concentrations of monoclonal antibodies in biological fluids
  • Study of mechanistic biomarkers in in vitro cell models
  • Pharmacokinetics and PK-PD modelling


Bâtiment Vialle, UFR de médecine, Université de Tours, CHRU de Tours