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Leukemic niches and redox metabolism

niches leucémiques et métabolisme oxydatif


Leukemic niches and redox metabolism


  • Pr Olivier HERAULT

Research axis :

In the bone marrow, leukemic cells establish close interactions with their microenvironment, within leukemic niches (derived from mesenchymal stem cells). The niches control the progression of these diseases, in particular by influencing the metabolism of malignant cells.

The team characterizes the energy and oxidative metabolisms (oxidative stress) of the cellular partners of the niche in the pre-leukemic states (myelodysplasia) and the leukemias. It studies the mechanisms of interactions between leukemic cells and mesenchymal stem cells and the metabolic and molecular consequences of their pharmaco-modulation. The work is based on both in vitro, in vivo and preclinical models, as well as on studies in patients.

This fundamental research paves the way to new therapeutic perspectives by targeting the cellular interactions in niches to sensitize leukemic cells to chemotherapies.

Expertise / know-how:

Flow cytometry

Molecular biology


Cell signalling


Faculty of Medicine, Dutrochet building
University Hospital of Tours