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FRAME: Fc Receptors, Antibodies and MicroEnvironment



Fc Receptors, Antibodies and MicroEnvironment


  • Valérie Gouilleux-Gruart

Research axis :

The FRAME team studies the interactions between proteins expressing an IgG Fc portion (therapeutic antibodies and pathogenic antibodies, fusion proteins) and the Fcγ and FcRn receptors, and the resulting cellular responses. The team seeks to understand how certain elements of the microenvironment (proteases, endogenous IgG …) have an impact on these interactions, knowing that this microenvironment itself can vary according to the diseases concerned: cancer, inflammation, etc. for therapeutic antibodies and fusion proteins; thrombocytopenia induced by heparin in our pathogenic antibody model. The FRAME team is particularly interested in the FcγRIIIA / FcγRIIA receptors and the FcRn receptors and the cellular responses they trigger: antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (FcγRIIIA), platelet aggregation or secretion (FcγRIIA), antibody recycling / distribution (FcRn), anti-tumor response (FcRn).

Expertise / know-how:

  • Choice, adaptation, implementation of protocols for the preparation, purification and cell culture (mainly hematopoietic lines and primary cells) used in the study of biological responses dependent on the interaction between proteins with Fc portion and FcR-bearing cells.
  • Analysis of cellular responses (cellular cytotoxicity, internalization, degranulation, synthesis and secretion of soluble mediators …)
  • Flow cytometry focused on FcR analysis and FcR-related biological responses
  • FcR genetic polymorphism
  • Animal models for PK-PD studies of therapeutic antibodies


Université François-Rabelais
UFR de Médecine
Bâtiment Vialle – 5ème étage
10 boulevard Tonnellé
BP 3223
37032 Tours Cedex 01